Pest Control: Insects and Moles

Insect Pest Control

Scholten Landscape is able to help you better protect your home with perimeter pest control services. The goal of our perimeter communication of ants, dialog, linksinsect control service is to make a barrier between your home and the insects outside before they can get in your house and become a bigger pest. It has been shown that the majority of insects found in a home entered from the outside and did not hatch indoors.

Our perimeter treatment will show improvement in control of common household pests such as ants, fleas, ticks, spiders and earwigs. Our program provides you with quarterly visits throughout the year, ensuring a consistent, effective control of pests.

When we perform your service, we apply a liquid pest control around your house, windows, deck, trash receptacles, garage and crawl spaces if you have any. These applications will provide you with worry free pest control year round.

Benefits Of Our Perimeter Service

  • Our application is free from odor and dyes or color.  It is placed outside your home, away from your family and pets.
  • Doesn’t harm your plants and lawn as well as your flowers and shrubs.
  • Broad spectrum treatment for numerous types
  • Keeps numerous unwanted pests from entering your home.
  • of insects.
  • The appointment is automatic and does not require you to be home to be applied.

Laughing mole crawling out of molehillMole Control Program

We offer a full season program that runs from March 1st through December 1st.  We also offer a 3 month treatment plan for short term control. Our plans consist of trapping, baiting and perimeter treatments.  We can help you stop the damage caused by moles tunneling through your yard.

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