Landscaping Services

Scholten Landscape Maintenance offers full landscaping services to the entire Grand Rapids extended area. Call us for a free estimate no matter Lanscaping Grand Rapidswhat size your landscaping job might be.  We have been landscaping professionally for over 30 years.


Integral part of many landscaping jobs mulch can be that extra something that turns a bland yard into a picture of beautiful landscaping. Proper use of mulch also promotes healthier trees, shrubs and flowers by retaining moisture and deterring weeds.

Paver Patios and Sidewalks

Instead of traditional cement, a paver patio or walk way is a creative and different option.


Did you know that if done properly many bushes and trees can be kept healthier if they are expertly trimmed and pruned? This can also be a very beneficial service for keeping bushes and trees from outgrowing their space and getting in your way.

Grand Rapids LandscapingRetaining Walls

Built to hold back earth. We can use the material of your choice; including boulders, bricks and landscaping timbers.

Stump Grinding

We will grind the stump out, remove the chips and replace with dirt and seed if needed.

Tree Work

We offer tree removal from large to small. Including clean up and removal of all debris.

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